Refosco Refosco
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Type of wine: Full-bodied, richly fruited red.
Origin: A popular grape in the Friuli region, where it produces the bold, flavorful REFOSCO DAL PEDUNCULO ROSSO. (The name refers to the red color of the tiny stem holding the grape to the stalk.)
Description: Deep violet color with the aroma and flavors of Damson plums, supported with light-to-medium tannins. A faint, not unpleasant, bitterness surfaces in the finish.
Aging: After four to seven years, Refosco assumes a bouquet of faded violets and dried plums.
Best location: Warm days to achieve ripeness, cool nights to retain acidity.
Cal-Italia producers
FastFoodFacts: Grilled vegetables, especially wild mushrooms. Stands up well to spicy dishes, such as curries, paprikash, chilies, etc. Refosco also matches up nicely with roasted rabbit and game fowl.
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