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Welcome to! You have made the first step to become a member of our family. With your support we will be able to continue the mission of spreading the word about cal-italia wine, food and lifestyle.'s Memberships are available in a variety of categories, including consumer, professional, food and lifestyle purveyors, and winery categories.

VINO Membership (consumer level) $30.00 per year
This membership is for the individuals who are interested in learning about cal-italia wine, food and lifestyle, and supporting the mission of JOIN TODAY

Salute! Membership (professional level) $75.00 per year
Companies who support and the cal-italia lifestyle are invited to join as Salute! Members. JOIN TODAY

Food & Lifestyle Purveyor Premium Membership $100.00 per year's premium memberships for Food and Lifestyle purveyors are for food purveyors, restaurants, and businesses that promote Italian culture and lifestyle.

Winery Premium Membership $100.00 per year has premium memberships for wineries in California that produce Italian varietals. JOIN TODAY 

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