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With my maternal great grandparents born and raised in Italy, I have been rasied to remember my roots while being a proud California Italian native. I have embraced my Italian heritage all my life, and now I am very excited to have Cal-Italia.com so that I can share my love for the Italian lifestyle in California. Cal-Italia.com was created on January 1, 2004. I look forward to the growth of Cal-Italia.com, and the support of wineries, food purveyors and Cal-Italia lifestyle business throughout California. Cal-Italia.com's mission is to inform and educate people throughout the world about the Cal-Italia lifestyle.

And now a little bit about my heritage. My maternal great grandfather, Raffelo Di Vita, came from Montecatini, Italy, and my maternal great grandmother, Sabatina Caterina D'Oliva came from Buggiano, Italy. They were married in 1890's and lived in Lucca, Italy until coming to America in the early 1900's, at which time my family name changed to Devita. By 1918 most of my family had moved to the Napa Valley. Here, my relatives were farmers, pig ranchers and builders. To this day, the name Devita, is well recognized throughout the Napa Valley

Cal-Italia Wines
The history of winemaking by Italian Americans in California goes back to the late 1800’s, beginning in earnest by the late 1880's. That was when a wave of immigrants from Tuscany and the Piedmont began arriving in Northern California. Some had a winemaking background and some did not. And while some cultivated those grape they were familiar with in their homeland, most opted to follow the conventions of the day in the selection of which grape varieties to propagate.

About a hundred years later, starting in the late 1980's and well on its way by the early 1990's, there was strong interest in alternatives to the more conventional and familiar varieties cultivated in California. As the interest intensified within a core group of producers looking to explore new and different options, it coalesced and became the category known as Cal-Italia wines.

The beneficial impact of years of hard work is just beginning to be felt. The press is beginning to recognize the surge in the quality of Cal-Italia wines and has also begun reporting, not surprisingly, their range and versatility. As a group they are much more "food friendly" than virtually any other category of wines from California. Today more wine lists are featuring Barbera, Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese.

Cal-Italia Food
The main characteristic of Italian cooking is its healthy balance, the excellent basic ingredients being simply cooked and retaining their original goodness and freshness. Simple and yet with such a variety of flavors and rich inventiveness in preparation, that even the most demanding gourmet is delighted.

Cal-Italia Lifestyle
The Italian lifestyle intrigues so many people. What makes Italians so different from the rest of the world? They always seem to not have a care in the world, they love their families, they love to talk, they love to eat, and looking fashionable is always important. The Italian lifestyle is embraced by every Italian/American due to our family heritage. The Italian lifestyle in California is an attitude, and a state of mind that believes anything is possible when sharing a pure moment with friends, family or loved ones.

Italians have coined the phrase “La Dolce Vita” which means “the Sweet Life”. La Dolce Vita begins in the piazza and ends at the table.

From the biggest cities to the most rural of villages, one thing is common. The piazza is the central meeting place of the Italian culture, the mecca for the Italian lifestyle. No matter how big or small a piazza may be; you could be sure that there will always be a crowd of people walking, talking and interacting with one another. Piazzas are usually the sites for festivals, gatherings and political events. To really understand the Italians spend some time on a bench in any piazza and observe what goes on. This is all part of the allure of the Italian lifestyle.

Richard Mitchell

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